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Owning a home is a dream for many people in San Jose and RGC Builders is committed to making sure that the home you buy is well-built, rugged, and designed to last. With us, you have a local partner capable of creating only the best custom homes.

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We at RGC Builders offer competitive prices and have specialized in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling and room additions since 1983. We also specialize in finish carpentry, crown installs deck repair and building, window and door installations, framing and still more! Our construction is always done with quality and care because every member of our Building Team is licensed and insured.

When you come to us, you can trust we are committed to honesty, reliability, quality workmanship and complete customer satisfaction because we have been in the business for 44 years. "Quality doesn't cost, it pays!" We want you and your friends as future returning clients. Call Us Today! 408.205-0139 for immediate contact or voice mail or leave a text message.

We back our work with a one-year warranty. When you are in need of an affordable, high-quality remodeling contractor, call RGC Builders. Call today for a free estimate! We are a 'Smoke Free' company.

Our Services

High-End Home Building Services

Homes come in all shapes and sizes, but RGC Builders is a master of them all. Check out the different types of homes we can construct by clicking the service areas to the below.

Look around San Jose and you'll find general contracting work by RGC Builders in nearly every corner. Established as an experienced partner for complex construction needs, we've developed relationships with many development firms that contact us time and time again when they need a professional company with a proven track record of quality.

When RGC Builders is hired for a general contracting project, the first step is detailed planning and cost control to iron out the specifics of your work and make sure our visions are perfectly aligned. We've found that thorough planning is one of the keys of successful contracting and you can count on us for innovative solutions that proactively avoid problems before they appear.

Our general contracting services in San Jose come with a full quality assurance and control process to make sure that our work not only meets your specifications but also our high standards. We don't settle for unsatisfied clients, we keep going until the job is completed correctly and we're able to proudly stand behind our professional level of work.

RGC Builders is ready to take on any industrial, commercial, and large-scale San Jose general contracting assignments in San Jose. Contact us at 408-267-7310 for more details.

Of all the rooms in your San Jose home, probably none see as much traffic as the kitchen. For exactly that reason, keeping your kitchen up-to-date with a modern look and state-of-the-art appliances is a top priority and RGC Builders can help. Experienced in kitchen renovations across the city, our remodels take a holistic approach to cover every detail.

For many kitchen remodeling companies in San Jose, their renovation services may be little more than adding a new countertop and lighting fixture. At RGC Builders, we consider everything from how a new wall paint color could affect light to creating conversation spaces within the functional area of your kitchen.

At RGC, we also do bathroom renovations. Not a day goes by that you don't visit a bathroom. With that in mind, having a comfortable and calm bathroom in your San Jose home seems like it would be a given. However, many people continue to suffer with inadequate bathrooms that not only give a bad impression to guests but barely cover even the primary functions.

At RGC Builders, we know that bathroom remodeling can be some of the trickiest home renovations due to the small space involved and the large number of fixtures like showers and toilets that must be included.

RGC Builders will establish the baseline bathroom remodeling to be done and then we can work together to make small tweaks that enhance the entire space and lead to a better overall renovation.

For San Jose bathroom modeling with zero risk and tons of reward, contact RGC Builders today by phone at 408-267-7310.

Whether your San Jose home is old or new, expanding with a new addition can help maximize your space and bring a healthy dose of extra room. However, building additions can be a tricky business, especially when considering all the licenses and permits needed. At RGC Builders, we'll handle every aspect of your new addition, including the paperwork.

For the addition itself, we pride ourselves on the innovative designs we provide. Using your input, we'll draw up detailed plans to make sure your new space fully lives up to your expectations. RGC Builders believes that spending time on your plans is the key to a successful addition build. Once we know exactly what you want with your new space, we'll be able to deliver it.

If you're like others in San Jose that have tried going it on your own with a DIY home addition such as a garage, office, or covered patio, then you probably know how difficult the project can be. With RGC Builders by your side, we'll make short work of your new addition and have it ready to use in no time.

Don't struggle with a DIY addition - call the RGC Builders professionals at 408-267-7310.

At RGC builders we also do Carpentry - rough framing, finish trim, crown etc, door and window replacement, and deck construction.

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